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In order for a yeast infection home remedy to properly work, one has to really think through what they have done in order to put themselves in the situation requiring a yeast infection home remedy. If you think about it, it has taken you years of bad choices to end up where you are at. Your current problem is a result of poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Well, your yeast infection home remedy needs to reverse the damaging effects of those poor choices. Think of it like deep cleaning your garage. Well, you need to clear all of the old junk out of there before you can sweep it and arrange everything nicely. No doubt you need to get rid of the useless junk that was acquired on a whim. It takes a while. The garage gets dirtier before it gets cleaner. The same is true of a natural treatment at home.

You need to get the years worth of garbage out of your system with a yeast infection home remedy. This takes time. This takes cleansing. And this will no doubt get worse before it gets better. Getting worse does not sound appealing in order to get better. But I tell you what, if you don't clean out the toxins in your body, you CAN'T get better. You can only smother the symptoms for a while until they inevitably come back. That is why a natural treatment at home will really do the trick as opposed to antibiotics.

The trouble with antibiotics is that they kill your good bacteria. A yeast infection home remedy does not. Yes, everyone has good bacteria and bad bacteria. Well, antibiotics kill ALL bacteria. Without your good bacteria, you can't defend yourself. That's why you have to take antibiotics forever after you think you've gotten well. It's because you haven't gotten well. You've only pushed the symptoms, along with the deep seeded problem down further.

A natural treatment at home should do the opposite. It will enhance your body's ability to fight back. It will do a deep clean on your body that will get rid of your situation in no time. Indeed, a natural yeast infection home remedy is the only way to go. Here's what you do:

Yeast infection home remedy step 1: Do a detox cleanse for two days.
• Drink a lot of filtered water
• Limit your diet to non-gluten grains, low sugar vegetables, seeds and herbs
• Exercise
• Meditate
What to eat for your yeast infection home remedy:
• Low sugar alkaline forming vegetables
• Sprouts
• Onions
• Garlic
• Non-gluten grains
• Nuts and seeds
• Wheatgrass
What to avoid for your treatment at home:
• All kinds of meat, dairy and fish products
• All refined carbs
• Processed foods
• White sugar
• Gluten grains
• Caffeine
• Chocolate
• Alcohol
• Tobacco
• Fried foods

Incorporating this plan as a part of your yeast infection home remedy will get you well on your way to becoming yeast free in no time!

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Your Yeast Infection Home Remedy Now

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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