Home remedies for Broken Bones And Bruises

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Broken bones require immediate attention and one should not consider home remedies for broken bones as first line treatment. Nevertheless, homemade remedies may help you stopping the situation from going bad to worse. The first thing to be done is tie the fractured area with something so that the affected area does not move much. Keeping the bone as it is, is the first advice to be followed.

Calcium, magnesium and potassium supplements are very essential for the bone health. Home remedies for broken bones include having all of them in adequate amounts.

Zinc is the element that helps in repairing the cartilages and tissues damaged due to broken bones. Hence, zinc supplement can be considered as one of the effective home remedies for broken bones.

Eat half a pineapple daily that helps in healing the broken bone faster. The fruit of pineapple contains bromelain that is an enzyme possessing anti inflammatory properties. Eating pineapple is thus said to be one of the trusted home remedies for broken bones or fractures.

You can apply turmeric and ginger paste onto the affected area if there is a swelling and pain. Take raw turmeric and ginger and grind them well enough to make a fine paste. Apply this medicated paste onto the affected area and it serves as one of the reliable home remedies for broken bones i.e. fractured bones.

The simple injuries that occur on the skin when a small blood vessel is harmed and the tissues of the skin make them visible. After causing damage to the blood vessels, bruises leave either black or dark blue mark on the skin for a certain time period. Bruises are common in children; sometimes minor accidents also result in bruises all over skin. Adults have equal chances of getting bruises as kids. A bruise normally occurs when blood comes out of the vessels and then the bluish black mark entraps it.

Let's learn basic kitchen remedies for bruises

One of the best home remedies for bruises is having vitamin C as it's known for its healing property. It will be a great idea to add vitamin C in your diet. It has been revealed by a research that those who lack vitamin C are more vulnerable to bruises; and when they get bruises, the healing process is quite slow.

A good remedy for bruises in small children, who avoid ice packs; an effective idea would be to spread a little margarine on the bruise. Margarine will settle the bruise and the healing process will fasten. After a little while, the swelling would be gone too.

Raw onion can also prove a good home remedy for bruises provided that the skin is not broken or infected. Apply a slice of onion on the bruise; this will allow healing process to begin.

Mullein flowers can also be applied on the bruise when dipped in olive oil. The combination of mullein flowers and olive oil can prove out to be a good healing material for small cuts. This is one of the natural remedies for bruises.

Bruises homemade remedies from experts

Cold water is known to be good for the treatment of bruises. Cold water not lessens the swelling but also prevents pain and inflammation.

A kitchen remedy for bruises includes using egg in raw form. When uncooked egg is applied on the bruise in circular form; the bruise will be healed.

The application of hops, comfrey, St John wort, hyssop and bark of white oak on the affected area can also have a healing effect on the bruise. This is one of the best home remedies for bruises. St John's wort is a wonder drug for bruises. This is because of its properties which are of astringent and anti-bacterial nature. The tincture of St John wort oil can be used as bruises home remedies. Add a few drops of cream or any organic oil on the affected area. The skin will absorb the ointment and healing process will continue to begin.

Comfrey leaves are also used to made plasters. This is one the good home remedies for bruises.

Cabbage is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The juices and leaves of cabbage are known to cure bruises.

Arnica is known to cure bruises. The tincture of arnica is added into water and then this mixture is applied on the affected area with the help of a cloth bandage. This home remedy for bruises will accelerate the healing process.



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Home remedies for Broken Bones And Bruises

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Home remedies for Broken Bones And Bruises

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